We are practicing our social responsibility
to protect the global environment

Environment, safety and health management

We prioritize the global environment
and the safety and health of various stakeholders

In 2015, GC officially declared its commitment to ESG management by establishing the "Company Environmental and Health Policy"
that contains its intentions and directions for safety and health as well as minimizing the environmental impact from business activities.
Accordingly, all GC affiliates are strengthening their management systems for environment, safety, and health in order to prioritize the safety and health of stakeholders including customers, employees, and partner companies as well as the global environment.
In particular, each business site enacts a policy that contains its will to practice safety and health reflecting characteristics, hazards and risk factors, scale, etc., and strives to improve the working environment and spread safety culture
to minimize environmental impact, comply with regulations, and prevent accidents.

Certification Status of GC on the Management Systems of Environment/Safety/Health

Certification Status of GC on the Management Systems of Environment/Safety/Health
Company Name ISO 14001 (Environment) ISO 45001
(Safety and Health)
Percentage of Certified Business Sites
GC (Holding Company) Download Certificates Download Certificates 100% (Headquarters in Yongin)
GC Biopharma
100% (Ochang Plant, Hwasun Plant, Eumseong Plant and R&D Center)
GC Cell Download Certificates Download Certificates 100% (Cell Center)
GC Wellbeing Download Certificates Download Certificates 100% (Seongnam Plant and Eumseong Plant)
GCMS Download Certificates Download Certificates 100% (Eumseong Plant)
GCEM Download Certificates Download Certificates 100% (All Business Sites)

Environmental Management

We establish a system according to our core value,
and practice sustainable management

  • 1

    Environmental Management System

    GC routinely manages to minimize the environmental load on the earth and maintain a pleasant and safe working environment,
    and strives to minimize environmental impact from a mid- to long-term perspective by promoting Net Zero.
    Recognizing the need to participate in responding to climate change from a long-term perspective,
    we are reviewing greenhouse gas reduction measures to reduce emissions to the level of the Paris Agreement.
    In addition, we will continue environmental management to minimize air and water pollutants and increase the recycling rate of waste.

  • 2

    Response to Climate Change

    GC is working responsibly to reduce energy consumption and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions to respond to
    climate change, centered on the manufacturing sites of affiliates. In particular, we will fulfill our corporate responsibility by responding to climate change and realizing a low-carbon society by improving factory facilities as well as energy efficiency.

  • 3

    Efforts to Improve
    Factory Facilities and Energy Efficiency

    01 Review of Investments in High-Efficiency Facilities | High Efficiency Transformers, etc.

    02 Review of Investments in Eco-friendly Facilities | Fine Dust Reduction Facilities and Filters, etc.

    03 Review of Efficiency for Manufacturing Process | Wastewater Treatment Plant, etc.

    04 Review of Efficiency Improvement for Equipment in Processes

  • 4

    Activities for GHG Reduction and
    Energy Saving

    Introduction of Plant Steam GC Biopharma's Ochang plant relied on liquefied natural gas (LNG) as its energy source in the past, but from 2017 it switched to steam (heat) supplied from outside.
    Through this, we are reducing the use of fossil fuel-based energy and suppressing the generation of nitrogen oxides (Nox), a substance that affects air pollution and global warming.
    These efforts enabled the Ochang plant to be changed from "Air Pollution Class 2" to "Class 4".
    Since the introduction of ESS, an energy smart technology, in 2018, GC Biopharma's Ochang plant has been storing power during low-load hours to utilize and supply it during peak-load hours.
    This reduces the maximum demand and usage of electricity and enables energy saving activities through efficiency. * ESS : ESS: A storage device that stores the generated power in a battery so that it can be used later. It improves energy efficiency by enabling wasted energy to be used.

  • 1

    Safety and Health Management

    GC has a safety and health management system that complies with international standards ISO45001 (Safety and Health Management System) and PSM (Process Safety Management), and prevents accidents through safety training and joint safety inspections
    for its entire value chains, including partner companies. This demonstrates GC's active efforts in the areas of safety and environmental health.
    GC pays special attention to safety and health management so that all employees can work in a safe and healthy working environment and lead a healthy life.

  • 2

    Work Environment Safety Management

    GC is carrying out various activities to operate the safety and health management system and build a safety culture for its members.
    All members are obliged to receive regular safety and health training on a quarterly basis. They receive occupational safety and health training required for their jobs (e.g., safety facility installation and management, material safety data sheet (MSDS), occupational disease prevention measures, first aid in daily life, job stress management, etc.).

    Emergency Response Training (Tabletop Exercise)

    Summoning the Self Fire Fighting Unit

    Induction of Emergency Evacuation

    Emergency Patient Transport

    Fire Extinguishing Spray

    Chemical Leak Damage

    Patient Transfer

  • 3

    Safe Management of Chemical Substances

    All GC's chemical handling business sites have a strong will to protect the natural environment and workers, and comply with relevant laws and regulations, such as the "Chemical Substances Control Act" and the "Act on the Registration and
    Evaluation, etc. of Chemical Substances". In accordance with the hazardous chemical management process, for all chemicals, we evaluate hazards and risks through risk assessment based on MSDS* before handling, and establish appropriate safety management plans.
    In order to prevent safety accidents and environmental pollution, we thoroughly manage chemicals from introduction to disposal.

    • 01

      Understanding the current status and identifying new hazardous chemicals

    • 02

      Reviewing and Requesting for Licensing

    • 03


    • 04

      MSDS registration and management

    • 05

      Storage and use

    • 06

      Waste management

    *MSDS : A Material Safety Data Sheet explaining chemical handling precautions for safety and health, health hazards, physical risks, etc.
  • 4

    Employee Health Management

    GC operates various health promotion support programs for the health of its members.
    GC provides comprehensive health examination services to employees and their spouses once a year, and flu vaccination to all employees and their families.
    GC regularly conducts special health screening and work environment measurements for executives and employees, including part-time workers, who perform special duties handling hazardous chemicals.
    In addition, to improve the physical and mental health of employees, we operate hospitals, exercise facilities and psychological counseling programs. After the outbreak of COVID-19, we are making every effort to protect the health of our employees from the infectious diseases by thoroughly disinfecting all workplaces as a preventive measure.

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