Introduction to CI


A new promise to innovate for the next
years with the dedication of the past 50 years.


GC's new symbol
with our vision.

The GC symbol is a combination of a red cross and a green cross, and the former symbolizes the history of passion and challenge, and the latter the future of health and prosperity. It reflects our will to pursue a healthier life for humankind.
Also, the blue color of the GC logo signifies honesty and trust as a global leader and represents expertise in the health industry.

CI Symbol

The symbol of GC is a combination of a red cross and a green cross. The former symbolizes the history of passion and challenge, and the latter symbolizes the future of health and prosperity. It is the dynamic image of GC taking a leap forward as a global leader in the health industry.

심볼(Symbol) + 로고타입(Logotype) 심볼 세로 8X 심볼 가로 8.08X 여백 1.7X 로고타입 가로 8.8X 로고타입 위아래 여백 1.25X 세로 5.5X

Colors of the Symbols

  • RedA history of passion and challenge

  • GreenA future of health and prosperity

  • BlueHonesty and Trust as a Global Leader

  • GradationThe connection of tradition and innovation,
    and the connection of history and the future

Primary Color (Primary Color)

  • GC Red

    Pantone 185C
    RGB 228/0/43
    HEX #E4002B

  • GC Yellow

    Pantone 1225C
    RGB 255/200/69
    HEX #FFC845

  • GC Deep Green

    Pantone 356C
    RGB 0/122/51
    HEX #007A33

  • GC Bright Green

    Pantone 375C
    RGB 151/215/0
    HEX #97D700

  • GC Deep Blue

    Pantone 7463C
    RGB 0/43/73
    HEX #002B49

Secondary Color (Secondary Color)

  • GC Mild Blue

    Pantone 285C
    RGB 0/114/206
    HEX #0072CE

  • GC Light Blue

    Pantone 2995C
    RGB 0/169/224
    HEX #00A9E0

  • GC Mild Green

    Pantone 361C
    RGB 67/176/42
    HEX #43B02A

Typeface Design

It was designed with the motif of the symbol mark, and introduced with the announcement of the new mission.
The symbol reveals the warm and friendly image of the overall colors and shapes with flexible curves,
while emphasizing the trustworthy, "straight" and "honest" image of the company created by its long history with its solid structure and straight lines.

GC exclusive typeface / GC140

Honest beliefs and stable

morphological features

The curved image of the symbol mark has been reflected in the Korean letter design to give a warm impression. The English logo, GC, expresses a reliable and stable impression by designing an open loop typeface arranged horizontally in a neatly concluded form of oblique strokes of ㅅ and ㅈ. The harmonious use of these curves and straight lines has resulted in a GC-exclusive typeface with a modern aesthetic.

따뜻한 곡선 정직한 직서

Rejection of e-mail collection

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