About GC


We are writing a new history
as a global total healthcare company.


It is our mission
to contribute to the healthy life of humankind,
and our ideal is
to become a global leader in the health industry


We practice the beliefs of righteousness, transparency,
and respect for human beings based on the values ​​of
creativity, challenge, service, and consideration.

  • 창의도전

    Challenge & Innovation

    A great challenge that made today's GC.
    For half a century,
    GC has pioneered a new path for humankind's health.

  • 봉사배려

    Care & Compassion

    GC has been making medicines
    that are difficult to make but are indispensable.
    GC will never stop restoring hope to patients.

  • 정도투명

    Transparency & Integrity

    We won't go if it's not the right way.
    We have always walked the right path with the belief
    that the right path is our path.

  • 인간존중

    Respect & Dedication

    Respect for life is the highest value of GC.
    We strive to provide greater happiness
    to our shareholders and investors.

We will become a leader in the health industry that not only treats diseases
but also protects daily health through health functional foods and digital care


Our mission is to contribute to the healthy lives of humankind,

and we are dedicated to the diagnosis, prevention, treatment and management of diseases.

  • Biopharma & Innovative tech

    As Korea's top biopharmaceutical company,
    GC has been leading the market in the field of blood products and vaccines for the past 50 years.
    In addition, GC is focused on developing innovative new drugs such as cell therapy products and orphan drugs, and aims to enter the global market based on its accumulated know-how.

  • Diagnosis

    GC develops and manufactures diagnostic reagents and test kits, and enhances its capabilities with specialized tests in addition to basic clinical tests.
    GC conducts fast and accurate tests on about 4,000 items based on state-of-the-art facilities,
    and is building a value chain for the diagnosis business by expanding to genetic testing.

  • Consumer Health

    GC protects consumers' health through various nutritional injections, including placenta injections, and helps them take care of their own health with personalized health functional foods.
    GC also provides medical care and treatment to Koreans through its health checkup centers.

  • Digital Healthcare

    GC is preparing solutions that enable convenient treatment anytime, anywhere, such as non-face-to-face treatment,
    hospital and clinic reservations, and real-time monitoring,
    through a personalized digital healthcare platform, based on know-how and infrastructure accumulated more than half a century.

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