We are constantly changing
to fulfill our corporate social responsibility

Social Contribution

By contributing to society ,
we are maintaining a solid relationship
of trust with society.

GC promotes social contribution activities based on "Service & Consideration" as well as "Respect for human beings" among its core values. This is a keyword for social contribution activities, and is used to establish social contribution goals and select focus areas in order to cooperate and coexist with various stakeholders. GC has the social contribution goal of "Good Companion, GC," to realize the value of "Together" based on the spirit of "Service & Consideration". To achieve this goal, GC continues to carry out various volunteer activities, including donation of company medicines, support for scholarships and research funds, active volunteering by employees, support for the underprivileged, and blood donation. Contributing to social value creation, GC is maintaining a solid relationship of trust with society.

In addition,
it serves as a public health and safety net
by looking after places where help is needed.

Public Health And Safety Net

Support for COVID-19 Screening Clinics
and Temporary Screening Centers

GC has established, operated and supported 21 COVID-19 screening clinics and
temporary screening clinics nationwide, starting with Changwon, in collaboration with the Gyeongsangnam-do Provincial Office, where it is collecting samples and providing PCR test results quickly and accurately.

(Changwon Sports Park Meeting Plaza, Gimhae Jinyeong Public Stadium, Gimhae Dongbu Dementia Center, Jinju Youth Training Center, Yangsan Mulgeum-eup Public Health Branch, etc.)

GC seeks to actively practice human rights management to prevent risks of human rights violations that may occur throughout business activities.
For this purpose, we intend to establish our own human rights management policy, respect international standards and principles, and reinforce the human rights management process, which includes vitalization of internal and external communication and relief procedures.

Human Rights Management Policy

Strict standards
Establishment of human rights management policy

GC has established a human rights management policy to respect and protect the human rights of employees and stakeholders.
Members of the business partners that GC plans to manage include its employees, corporations for overseas production and sales, subsidiaries, and subcontractors.
In cases where provisions defined in the human rights management policy conflict with national laws and regulations, GC will apply the more stringent one to protect the human rights of stakeholders, its members and partner companies, as much as possible.

  • 1

    Human Rights Management Principles

    GC respects the human rights of all stakeholders, including executives and employees, throughout the business management and business activities, and strives to practice human rights management. GC has enacted the "GC Human Rights Charter" and discloses it internally and externally. The Charter is based on the international standards and guidelines related to human rights and labor, such as the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR), the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights (UNGPs), the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, core conventions of the International Labor Organization, the OECD Due Diligence Guidance for responsible Business Conduct). In addition, GC has established the Code of Ethics, Supplier Code of Conduct, and various regulations, and strictly observes them in business activities in order to prevent direct or indirect human rights violations within the workplace or in business relationships.

  • 2

    Human Rights Education

    GC recognizes the importance of human rights management, respects the human rights of its employees, and provides them with human rights training every year to raise their awareness of human rights. GC provides its domestic employees with training on labor and human rights, such as preventing sexual harassment, workplace bullying, and improving awareness of the disabled. GC will continue its efforts to protect human rights within the workplace by conducting various human rights education programs.

  • 3

    Scope of the Human Rights Charter

    GC practices human rights management throughout its business activities. This Charter of Human Rights applies to all stakeholders throughout business activities, including investment and mergers and acquisitions, which include GC’s executives and employees (including executives, employees, and temporary workers), partners with whom GC has various business relationships, investments, and mergers and acquisitions.If the provisions covered by the Charter of Human Rights conflict with the laws of the country, the laws and regulations shall be obeyed first, and this Charter of Human Rights may be revised to reflect the laws and regulations of the country and the characteristics of the industry. All executives and staff members of GC shall conduct their duties in accordance with the Human Rights Charter, unless otherwise stipulated in national laws or the organization's articles of incorporation or company regulations.

Human Rights Charter

People and People
Establishment of Human Rights Charter

GC has established a human rights management policy to respect and protect the human rights of its employees and stakeholders, and will apply it to its members including GC executives and employees, overseas production and sales corporations, subsidiaries, and business partners including subcontractors. In cases where provisions defined in the human rights management policy conflict with national laws and regulations, GC will apply the more stringent one to protect the human rights of stakeholders, its members and partner companies, as much as possible.

  • 1

    Ban on Discrimination

    GC prohibits discrimination based on the following without reasonable grounds in recruitment, hiring, wages, benefits, education, training, placement, transfer, promotion, retirement, dismissal, retirement age: gender, age, religion, social Status, region of origin, academic background, school attended, marriage, pregnancy, childbirth, or medical history.

  • 2

    Compliance with Working Conditions

    GC complies with the statutory working hours of each country in which it operates, and offers overtime work and appropriate compensation within the scope of the law. GC complies with the legal minimum wage and operates various welfare programs to create a stable working environment for employees, including support for social insurance in the country where it operates. In addition, GC creates an appropriate working environment and operates flexible working arrangements so that all members can focus on their work.

  • 3

    Humanitarian Treatment

    GC protects the privacy and personal information of all employees and strictly prohibits any form of bullying including mental and physical violence among employees. In particular, all verbal actions of coercion, abuse, and unreasonable treatment of bullying, sexual harassment, sexual violence, etc. are strictly prohibited, and necessary measures are taken and supports are provided to affected stakeholders.

  • 4

    Prohibition of Forced Labor

    GC prohibits all forms of forced labor or involuntary servitude. GC does not force labor through violence, threats, confinement, or other acts against one's free will, and does not hire manpower from companies that engage in such acts. In addition, GC does not keep identification cards and documents that may restrict workers' behavior.

  • 5

    Prohibition of Child Labor

    GC prohibits all forms of child labor, and checks the age of applicants in the process of employment and other labor contracts. When hiring underage workers, GC complies with the laws and regulations of each country in the business area, and strictly prohibits any restrictions on the educational opportunities of underage workers.

  • 6

    Freedom of Association and Collective Bargaining

    GC guarantees freedom of association and collective bargaining. GC fully guarantees its members’ rights to unite, collective bargaining, and collective action, and employees are not subject to employment disadvantages for participating in legitimate bargaining activities.

  • 7

    Assurance of Occupational Safety

    GC actively supports employees to work in a safe and hygienic work environment. GC complies with national occupational safety laws, identifies and prevents risk factors in advance through workplace risk assessment, and provides training necessary to enhance employees’ safety awareness.

  • 8

    Human Rights Protection of Local Residents

    GC does not harm the living environment, safety, and health of local communities and residents in the process of operating workplace, construction of new facilities, and expansion of the current facilities.

  • 9

    Grievance Handling

    GC operates a grievance handling channel to listen to the opinions of its direct and indirect stakeholders. The GC guarantees the anonymity of informants who raised a grievance and the confidentiality of their identities and information. In addition, GC provides the informant with the results of review and action by doing its best to promptly take action on opinions.

Grievance Handling System

Settlement of Workplace Grievances
Establishment of Grievance Handling System

GC operates an online communication system and reporting center that technically guarantees anonymity and safety. GC listens to various grievances that arise within the company, including human rights issues, through these grievance channels and strives to make immediate improvements. Grievances received on the "Counseling Cafe", a major grievance handling bulletin board in the company, are answered immediately, such as notification of action results to the informant, and action plans are notified within the deadline for issues that cannot be resolved immediately.

1. Receipt of grievance

Receive information about employee grievances through the counseling cafe and reporting center.

2. Grievance confirmation and review

Check the details and facts of grievances, review measures to protect informants and prepare action plans based on the facts.

3. Notification of review results

Deliver the results of the review, and listen to the offender's opinions.

4. Grievance handling

Take personnel measures such as disciplinary actions depending on the case, and conduct training to prevent recurrence.

GC has established the "Ethical Management Standards" as a standard for proper behavior and values ​​to be observed by all executives and employees, and promotes ethical awareness among its members through various activities based on it. For ethical management, the GC Audit Team self-checks the ethical awareness of employees, collects ethical practice pledges, provides ethics practice campaigns and ethics education, conducts stakeholder surveys, and operates unethical behavior reporting channels.

Ethical Management Activities

GC is striving to spread the ethical
management culture by preventing unethical behavior
that can occur throughout its management activities

In order to familiarize with the ethics regulations, all executives and employees assure to participate in the company's ethical management by filling out the "Ethical Practice Pledge" every year. GC conducts regular and occasional ethical awareness checks every year to improve vulnerabilities, and when an issue requiring additional action is found, the problem is resolved through consultation with the relevant department.

Unethical behavior reporting system

To establish ethical management
Unethical behavior reporting system is operating

GC operates an unethical behavior reporting system to establish ethical management. Stakeholders including employees and partner companies can use the "Reporting on Ethical Management" channel on the website at any time and anywhere. Reporters can report anonymously, and their identity is protected in accordance with our "Internal Reporting System Operation Regulations".

Compliance with Fair Trade

Through management and supervision,
we are meeting the standards for fair trade voluntary compliance

GC Biopharma, GC Cell, and GC Wellbeing are working together for fair and transparent competition by organizing a professional compliance organization and operating a compliance program and anti-corruption system.

  • Compliance Program

    GC Biopharma introduced an autonomous compliance program (CP) in August 2007, and the Board of Directors appointed a CP manager responsible for practical operations.In addition, we systematically manage the CP operation by establishing continuous training and internal supervision system for employees.

    Continuous education and promotion (new hires, sales, clinical, subcontract related departments, etc.) Continuing compliance activities such as pledge of voluntary compliance with fair trade and production of compliance handbook

    • 2007

      compliance program
    • 2014

      Launched a team
      dedicated to compliance
    • 2015

      Built a
      monitoring system
    • 2016

      Held an invitational meeting with partner companies
      Established guidelines and process for the Improper Solicitation and Graft Act
    • 2018

      Obtained anti-corruption managment system certification
      "AA" rating in CP evaluation
      Conducted CP Month campaign
    • 2020

      Established RPA
      utilization monitoring system
    • 2021

      Renewed anti-corruption management system certification
      Started the Compliance Month (June) campaign
  • Prior Consultation System and Monitoring

    All marketing and sales activities are conducted after prior consultation and review by the Compliance Team. In addition, using RPA we monitor monthly corporate card use and expenditure reports to see if there are any omissions, and perform follow-up inspections to ensure that there are no violations of the law during marketing and sales activities.

  • Partners Day for Shared growth

    We invite partner companies once a year to inform them of our ethical standards and internal reporting system, and provide an expert lecture. We also hold meetings to listen to the voices of our partner companies.

부패방지경영시스템 인증서

GC Biopharma received a certificate for the Anti-Corruption Management System

  • Internal Reporting System

    Through the internal reporting system, unethical behaviors or violations of the law are reported and handled according to the procedures. The internal reporting system guarantees the anonymity of internal and external informants by consigning operation to a third party.

  • Anti-Corruption Management System

    GC Biopharma has been accredited with the Anti-Corruption Management System (ISO 37001) certification in May 2018, and renewed the certification through the follow-up evaluation in 2019, 2020 and in 2021.

    Each year, we conduct a corruption risk assessment, internal screening, anti-corruption target monitoring, anti-corruption training, and reporting to BOD, to internalise culture of anti-corruption, along with ethical and compliance management.

Privacy Policy

We comply with the Personal Information Protection Act,
and are doing our best
to protect the privacy of our customers.

GC strictly complies with laws and regulations related to personal information protection, such as the "Act on Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilization and Information Protection" and "Personal Information Protection Act", and has obtained International Standard Information Protection certification (ISO 27001). GC has also obtained Korean certifications of Information Security Management System (ISMS) and Personal Information & Information Security Management System (SMS-P). GC has established "Information Security Management Guidelines" to protect its own intellectual property, which is a collection of research capabilities, and manages to prevent infringement of customers' personal information.

Rejection of e-mail collection

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