We are transforming into as a global leader
in the health industry striving for the future of humankind.

Chairman's Message

The path that
GC will pave is a path no one has made,
a path no one has taken

We've walked a rough road that someone has to walk. GC has taken the path of a lone pioneer for half-century dedicated to developing "hard to make but essential" medicines.
We have steadily walked that path to build a society where everyone can enjoy a happy life without suffering from disease.
As a result of those efforts, we have now grown into a life science company that the world is paying attention to.
It was a path of great dedication and now we are about to go again on a path that no one has ever been to.
Our dreams are big, and those dreams will come true on the world stage.
Under the vision of "It is our mission to contribute to the healthy life of humankind, and our ideal is to become a global leader in the health industry",
GC will write a new page of history as a "global total healthcare company"
that encompasses products and services such as disease prevention, diagnosis, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, health functional foods, and healthcare.
It is a path of great challenges.GC introduced its new image through a new CI to show its new resolve.
This CI contains the meaning of Great Challenge, Great Commitment, and Great Company based on our identity,
the Green Cross. Just as GC has walked the path of great challenges for the past 50 years, it is GC's will to walk the path of the great challenges in the next 50 years.
The path to becoming a great company begins again this way.

ChairmanIl-sup Huh

The reason why we were able to persevere through a path that no one has taken in the past 50 years is because of our commitment to taking care of the people's health. Now, with our new CI, we will leap beyond Korea to become a global leader in the health industry.
Furthermore, we will not stop taking on great challenges to contribute to the healthy
and happy lives of people. We look forward to your continued support and encouragement.

CEOYong-jun Huh

CEO Yong-jun Huh took office as GC CEO in 2017 and is a professional executive who earned a master's degree from the University of Wisconsin.
After completing the MBA course, he joined GC Biopharma and accumulated various experiences in the management field.
During his duties as Vice President of GC China in 2006, Vice President of GC in 2010, and CEO of GC Wellbeing, he took over the overall management of GC, enhancing his expertise.
Currently, as the leader of GC, which is the holding company of the GC Group,
he is creating a big-picture vision for the company, such as establishing mid- to long-term strategies for the company's growth, and developing future growth engines for its family companies.

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