We are a partner in the healthy lives
of humankind that achieves sustainable growth.


We strive to protect human health,
as well as that of
society and the planet.

GC is a group specializing in biotechnology and healthcare, leading the "global total healthcare" business that encompasses products and services such as disease prevention, diagnosis, treatment, medical devices, and healthcare, with the goal of building a society where all humankind around the world enjoy happy lives without suffering from diseases.
GC is leaping forward as a global leader in the health industry beyond Korea. Based on the core management values of creativity and challenge, service and consideration, righteousness and transparency, and respect for human beings, which have been passed on for half a century, we are going to establish a strategic direction for ESG management, select short- and long-term tasks for sustainable management, and prepare action plans.

ESG Management Strategy

We establish an
ESG management strategy system based on the core values ​​of our management philosophy
and practice sustainability management for our stakeholders.

  • Environment

    We protect the health of the company, society, and the earth through environmental management and safety and health management.

  • Social

    As a good social companion, we perform our social responsibilities towards our customers, employees, and local communities.

  • Governance

    We do our utmost to protect the rights and interests of our shareholders and stakeholders through responsible and ethical management.

ESG Strategic Direction

  • Creating Value for Healthcare Customers

    Expanding Healthcare Accessibility to Stakeholders by Providing Total Healthcare Solution

    Prevention and Diagnosis, Treatment and Management

  • Social Responsibility and Human Resource Management

    Occupational Safety and Health / Advancement of Human Rights Management System and Product Quality Assurance

    Quality Responsibility / Social Contribution / Occupational Safety and Health / Employee Competency Enhancement / Human Rights Management

  • Environmental Management

    Establishment of Environmental Management System and Response to Carbon Neutrality

    Green House Gas Emissions / Energy Management / Waste Management / Hazardous Substance Management

  • Sustainable Ecosystem

    Establishment and Support of ESG Management System of Supply Chain

    ESG Risk Management of Suppliers / Improvement of ESG Capabilities of Partners

  • Ethical Management

    Business Risk Management through Ethical Management

    Business Ethics / Information Security and Privacy Protection

Management Practice

Sustainability Management Report

We communicate transparently
with various stakeholders
by publishing a sustainability report every year.

This is a sustainability report published by GC, which includes the performance and plans of major affiliates in terms of economy, environment, society, and governance.
GC and its major affiliates plans to publish a sustainability report every year to better communicate with various stakeholders.

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